Friday, June 5, 2015


A lot of green -- and the poppies

Snakes are plentiful this year. Shirley Jean saw two rattlesnakes.
Ina Dobson, 1933

A sluggish rattlesnake
I did something that many – perhaps most – would approve. I killed a rattlesnake.

A doe at the Plank place
Mike had gone for an exercise ride on his mountain bike. I was working in my newly fenced garden while the dogs played nearby in the south field. We had seen a sluggish rattlesnake in the lane last night, and it crossed my mind that dogs playing in the field might not be a good idea. They gradually worked closer to the yard, and when they came to the weedy/grassy area between the yard and the field, I noticed Bess go into hunting mode and assumed she was after a rodent. Then I heard the tell-tale rattle. Taking my spade with me, I found my way out of the fence, calling both dogs as I went. Keeping the dogs behind me and following the sound of the still-agitated snake, I located it in the grass.
Bess practices a classic point

I cogitated for a while as to what course of action to take. Weighing all considerations, especially that Mike wasn’t available, I killed that snake with the little spade Daddy Dobson gave me all those 40 years ago.

And that was that.


Chris said...

Wow!! You have my admiration for certain! I've just recently become brave enough to kill sluggish bees; a rattlesnake would send me running for my life.

Hallie said...

Pretty scary stuff, but I do worry about the dogs. Those short hairs tend to learn the hard way about rattlers and porcupines.