Saturday, July 11, 2015


Daughter Hallie writes that she and husband Nick continue to enjoy their work to renovate their enchanting little Tudor. Here is her current update.

I wonder if the reader can truly appreciate how the state of one's front door affects her self-esteem. Here, you can see the "before" photo. The door had been stained but not varnished and was weathered so badly that light was visible through multiple vertical splits. At least once a week I pulled off the door knob on the inside trying to yank the warped door open. "Hmm...leaving through the garage today."

While removing the old door, we discovered that the frame of the door was secured only by way of the molding on the outside. Nick set to work creating a new wood sill plate (or whatever it's called) and corresponding framing underneath, and then I primed and painted it. This had to be done swiftly so that we wouldn't go the night without a front door, but luckily, it's been so hot that the paint dried quickly. Together we placed the door frame and shimmed it. Nick drilled holes and inserted screws while I kept the shims in place.

Later in the week, Nick installed the brick mold, which involved a very clever cut at the bottom to make a nice transition into the sill plate. He also used a chemical application to age the unlacquered brass door handle. I am so impressed that he aged it so that it looks more polished where your hand grips and where your thumb depresses the lever, just how it would have aged with a natural patina over time.

The stained glass window was custom made, as were the drip cap and dentil shelf around it. These two components were inspired by examples of European doors of the 1920-1930’s era, and took quite some time to have made. Nevertheless, my self-esteem has been FULLY restored and I am proud to say it was worth the wait.

I hope you will also notice the addition of a new porch light, mailbox, house numbers, and doorbell. Welcome!


Chris said...

Oh my goodness!! It's absolutely beautiful and PERFECT! Well done, Hallie and Nick! (Can I add any more exclamation points?!? LOL)

Mike said...

Wow - that door is impressive. You have a right to be proud. Good work.

Hallie said...

Thanks, everybody!