Monday, October 5, 2015


The Kenmore refrigerator, delivered in August, seems to be working all right. We agree that it’s better than the previous one, which we believed wasn’t cold enough. However, the cooling seems inconsistent.

Actually, we had another Sears event relating to the new dishwasher. In loading it one day, I pushed the top rack into place and a thingamabob fell off the runner. (They call it an end cap, but it’s really a thingamabob.) I discovered this little plastic piece is very important. It keeps the rack from sliding off the runner.
So, Mike called the customer service number and was referred to the parts people who readily agreed to send a replacement thingamabob. A couple days later I found it in the mailbox.

Subsequently, I received an email asking me to complete a survey with regard to this transaction. “Your experience is important to us,” read the message. “Please tell us how we did.” I had to laugh. For weeks Sears had shown no concern for our satisfaction with the $2000 refrigerator, while the parts division wanted to know if we were satisfied with a little $10 plastic part. Clearly, the parts manager and the customer service manager are not the same person.
No, I didn’t complete that survey, nor did I complete it the next time they asked. As for the end cap, it wouldn’t stay on. Mike suggested a service call, but I was afraid it might count against us if we need other service within the year. So Mike crimped the arm a bit to keep the thingamabob in place. So far so good. But again, although it’s a small issue, it’s still a new appliance with a problem. KW


Chris said...

Oh mercy. Makes me most thankful for Brunhilda, my aged, battered, stained, but fast and efficient dishwasher. She took considerable abuse from the previous owners, but she must like us as she just keeps puttering faithfully along. I do praise her though!

Chuck said...

I have learned something in my dealings with companies. Inevitably, things will not be as they have been portrayed. It doesn't matter what the issue is, often, there is no remedy. I think it the dumbing of America. I can only see it getting worse as time passes. Sometimes, I look forward to being on the other side of the veil and can say "I told you so." Hang in there.