Thursday, October 15, 2015


It’s true. As we were packing to leave the farm on Sunday (Oct. 11), Mike said, “I just need your electronics.” I proceeded to pack them up – laptop, iPad, all cords and chargers, my study books, our supply list for the next trip – all neatly settled into the big black carrying case. Unpacking in town, Mike said, “We left your laptop.” I took a moment to reflect and stifle swearwords. He went on to say he had left a place for it while packing, and it wasn’t there. I had no memory of carrying out to the pick-up.

Frankly, had it been up to me, I’d have driven right back to the farm for it. But the ever-practical (and frugal) Mike said, “We’ll go back on Wednesday.” And I decided I wouldn’t utter any words of disappointment or let a few days without my devices destroy my productivity. Instead, I picked up where I left off on my latest crochet project, the scrap afghan, and will soon finish it. And I scrubbed the kitchen and utility room floors on my hands and knees.

We did have a discussion on elder forgetfulness. It’s scary. It’s different than younger forgetfulness because you simply can’t hold as much in your mind. As with packing my laptop, you tend to dismiss tasks before they’re finished. Distraction is the worst – trying to visit while tasking, perhaps answering a question or leaving a task to do something else, etc. Or, you think you’ve done something and you haven’t. You go to write something on a list, another thought comes in, and you can’t remember what you were going to write in the first place. Keeping stress to a minimum is helpful but not always possible.

Well, we came back to the farm yesterday (Wed., Oct. 14), and I was reunited with my laptop and all the wonderful things it holds – documents, patterns, embroidery designs, etc., plus my connection to family and friends. Fortunately it was safely in the house -- right on the dining room chair where I left it. (Last winter I left my book satchel on the porch, including window wax that isn’t supposed to freeze.)

Farmer Kyle knocked on our door last night, and we had a nice visit. We discussed how warm it is for October – and how dry. Regionally, we remain at risk for wild fires. He said he’s never done fall work in the dust before. We haven’t had a frost yet, and gardens, though slowing, have been productive long beyond the usual date. With this trip, I picked a handful of small tomatoes and a few strawberries. I should water but I’m tired of that drill.

Kyle said he doesn’t know what next season's crop will be on our place – maybe spring wheat. KW

[The photos here were taken at the MWHomestead one evening last week.]


Chuck said...

It almost appears in the photos that the yard and area around the barn has been burned. I'm sure it hasn't. Fall is here, and our temperature is falling. We are expecting rain showers Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with 20 degree drop. I think the hot weather is over.

I'm glad you are reunited with your electronics. I have been missing the blogs the last few days.

Have a Happy Fall.

Kathy said...

We had a windstorm Saturday night, and a lot of pine needles blew into the yard. That accounts for the darkish color of the ground.

It looks like weather will be changing here, too, especially Sunday and after. Meanwhile, I'm still wearing my summer pjs and changing into cooler clothes for the afternoon. Yes, that may be over soon.

I really missed writing while I was away from my laptop. Thanks for stopping by.

Chris said...

Oh my!! (And how did I miss this post? I was sure I looked yesterday or Friday...) Anyway, Dan and I were talking "brains" just yesterday (or was it today?!?). Also we've noticed how often we have to repeat things when we're talking; however sometimes we just need a moment for our brains to catch up and we "get" what was said. Interesting times! :-)

Kathy said...

Yes, Chris, and the faster it goes by the harder it is to catch up. But -- we can still sew!