Thursday, November 19, 2015


Evening falls over the farmhouse at Gilbert (taken Nov. 14)

Goodness! Where HAS the time gone?

Quiet times – not much happening. Monday I worked to make a few things for the P.E.O. silent auction, which occurred on Tuesday. Yesterday I accomplished nothing more than shopping. Perhaps it’s been more interesting for Mike, who enjoys bird hunting every second or third day.

Nellie and Bess share the pillow
The piles of split wood at the farm are waiting for us to load, haul, and stack. Mike has a spot in the barn where we’ll store it for now – that is, if the barn is still standing. We had big wind Tuesday that caused damage around the region. And now it’s raining and a storm watch is in effect. And next week it’s supposed to turn quite cold. So, the plan is that we’ll get to the farm on Sunday or so to do our work and then we’ll probably have to winterize the house. I guess it’s good that we have those weather apps so that we can better plan our activities.

Maple tree in town
Now I’ve begun to realize that the holidays are upon me and I won’t nearly finish all I want to do before Christmas. Oh well. I mean – what can a person do? I try to stay in the moment, remind myself that I’m having a good time, and remember that Christmas doesn’t really change anything. Nothing stops because of a calendar date. I can still keep doing what I do, and above all, I regularly remind myself that I’ll get through it all just fine.

"Socks and Bows" and "Rocking Horse Border"
But just to show how distracted I can become, yesterday I hauled out some holiday fabric I purchased years ago (see photo left). I loved it then, and I love it now. I was going to make a dress and pinafore for granddaughter Annie, but the time passed. So, when Emmy came along, I thought I would make it for her, but Emmy is a contemporary gal whose style is “uncomplicated.” Let me put it this way – when it comes to my efforts, I think there are other things she’d like better.

The two fabrics were printed in the USA for Daisy Kingdom -- “Rocking Horse Border” (1996) and “Socks and Bows” (1995). I have 3 ¾ yards of each. Okay -- what shall I do with it? I agonized over this yesterday until I remembered that I’ve had this fabric for 20 years and using it is not on my “before Christmas” list. Realizing that I was acting on a whim, I carefully refolded it and put it back in storage.

My inspiration board
But – the question remains, what shall I do with it? It feels like I should use it for something “special.” The fabric design might not lend itself to a quilt. Or, I could just make aprons, pillowcases, or table runners. I kind of like the apron idea. Suggestions? KW

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Chris said...

Just look at all those cute patterns for doll clothes! So much fun waiting for you. And I like the apron idea. I love aprons; if only I remembered to wear them more often!