Thursday, January 7, 2016


Mike and I loaded empty crates and boxes into the back of the Dakota yesterday (Wed., Jan.6) and headed to the farm – one last trip of the season to winterize the house. I had prepared on Tuesday by cleaning out the refrigerator in town.

After a cold weekend, the temps this week have been warmer in the valley, even reaching the 50s on Tuesday, making us wonder if the coldest part of winter is over. However, we don’t dare take the chance.

Due to warmer temps, we expected to see moderation in the upper country. The lower part of Gilbert Grade was muddy while the upper part and the roads on top were still packed snow. We were able to drive in without chains.

I gathered up laundry (sheets and towels), and then I set about my main work to empty the refrigerator. I also packed cooking oils and open, partially used boxes from the pantry cupboard. When I was finished, Mike turned off the water and drained the pipes.

Packing for the return trip was tight. Mike’s bicycle went in first and we loaded boxes around it. We also had garbage, so it was a little cramped for the dogs until we got to the landfill in Orofino.
We arrived at the town house about 2:00 with “major work” still ahead of us – unloading, unpacking, and putting away. With Mike’s help, I consolidated what I could and managed to get everything into the new refrigerator with a little room to spare. Aside from dairy and produce, I won’t buy much food for six weeks. KW

[The pictures here show the difference between the landscape yesterday (on the right) compared to Thursday and Friday of last week (on the left).]


Chris said...

Love the side by side pictures. Such a beautiful place.

And not having to shop for six weeks? Score! Now you have more time for sewing and such! Win, win.

Hallie said...

The trees were stunning with the snow stuck to them. "Wonderland" is such a perfect word for it.

Kathy said...

I spent $12 at the grocery store yesterday to buy milk and produce. And I made a rhubarb strawberry crostata and venison pizza, thereby using from the storehouse. It really is nice to be able to store everything in the refrigerator rather than keeping overflow in a box in the garage.

Yes, pristine snowy scenes seem to speak of peace and beauty, as long as one has no place to go. It was disappointing that our snowy yard quickly became trampled by the dog. Some things can't be helped.