Wednesday, January 27, 2016


“What seems to be the problem here,” queried Mike as he stepped into my very cluttered sewing studio on a day before Christmas. “Oh, I see,”  he said with a laugh as he checked inside the cupboards.

I have been totally unable to overcome the clutter since last summer. “Put away three things a day,” I'd tell myself, but the cupboard was full. My sewing supplies together with stashes of this and that have grown to such an extent that the little room is overwhelmed -- and so am I. And I want more!
“Maybe you need a storage shed,” suggested Mike, and I readily agreed.

Were it left to me, I probably would have pondered the decision two more years, but Mike gets things done. We shopped several local storage shed manufacturers and chose the one we liked best – Clearwater Barns out of Grangeville. Our plan was to buy the smallest one, but looking over the brochure, son Clint pointed out that we would lose a lot of storage in the drop of the roof and suggested the next size up – 8’x12’. 
So, Mike called Clearwater Barns on Monday (Jan. 25), and because a unit in stock met our size and color requirements, delivery was scheduled for today (Jan. 27). Monday afternoon, Mike bought 2.2 ton of gravel, which he then spread over the “shoulder” of our driveway, especially where the shed would sit.

In my dream world, a cute little shed to be my work area / retreat would be lovely, but in the end I opted for just storage. Basically, the retreat, my little studio, is already in place with a comfortable couch, heat in the winter, and air conditioning in the summer, and it’s a reasonably clean place for dolls, books, and other treasures. The shed will take care of overflow from the house in general as well as from the sewing room. Mike teases me about the sewing stuff, but I think he’ll be pleased with the de-cluttering that takes place throughout the house. (I have a plan . . .)
Next up: Shelving. The owner of Clearwater Barns suggested using shelf tracks with brackets. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, and Mike thinks a rainy day is just the best kind of indoor work day. He'll have it ready in a jiffy. (Well, almost.) KW


Chris said...

Ooo! Space!! So happy for you! Can't wait to see how you'll use it. And such speedy service--I'm impressed!

Hallie said...

Can't wait to see the shelving. What will you do for lighting?

Kathy said...

Thanks for your interest.

Really -- this little shed, essentially an 8x12 room, is pretty rustic. The shelves are sturdy but not fancy. Daylight has been enough as I work in there, but Mike insists I should have a light source. He's ordered a solar light which obviously will have to be charged outdoors. I'm not concerned because I just don't think I really need it.

I'll show you more in the next post.