Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Above Critchfield Road toward Waha Mountains
Somehow I had envisioned accomplishing a lot of handwork in the weeks following Christmas. Alas! It didn’t happen. I have an “add-to” list of things to do (lots of things to finish) that just keeps getting longer while somehow the days melt away and nothing gets done. When I say that, I mean that it's difficult to find my way out of routine activities to the sewing machine.

“Do something!” I screamed at myself yesterday. (No one heard it but me.) So I dusted my organ, plugged it in, and played it. Just getting started has been a “buffalo.” Hopefully I’ll play it regularly now. (And yes, playing the organ is on my “to do” list.)

I’m making progress in the reorganization of my little sewing “studio,” but when Mike peeked in today, I don’t think he thought so. Still, the sofa is just about cleaned off except for jeans to mend, which seems a never-ending task. You know how they say, “Only the names and faces change?” It’s the same with mending jeans: it’s a different pair of jeans but the same problem.

Can you see three dogs?
We had several warm days this week, so Mike and I took Bess, Nellie, and their friend Pepper and hiked up the dog-approved gully off Critchfield Road. A good time was had by all, especially Bess and Pepper. I had to push Nellie along yesterday, but Mike pointed out that once we turned the corner and headed back to the pick-up, she moved right along. KW


Chris said...

Hooray for you! (And sometimes I have to speak firmly to myself, too.)

Hallie said...

Bess looks truly annoyed by the organ. I LOL'd at that photo.