Wednesday, April 27, 2016


We thought the weather looked fairly good at least until Friday, so we came back to the homestead yesterday morning (Tuesday, April 26). We got up to sunshine today but noticed a chill in the air.

Looking out to the north this morning, Mike asked what was in the field. “Deer,” I said, giving the customary answer, but taking the binoculars he identified a pair of wild turkey. Clearly, the gobbler was pursuing his lady love. He had fanned his tail in order to impress her, but she feigned disinterest and continued to peck at the ground. If he got too close, she waddled a ways from him while he continued to implore. I crept out on the front porch in order to take pictures. Too bad I didn’t have the camera set on a tripod, but there wasn’t time for that. KW

The house and yard from the north field

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