Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Looking northward from Plank's Pitch toward the old Ben Dickson Place; Teakean Butte in the distance.
Mike and I (and the dogs, of course) went to the farm yesterday (Tuesday, May 17) so that Mike could mow the lawn again. It was a lovely day. Mike called it a perfect day -- temperature not too hot with a nice breeze.

It was just a day trip. Our schedule would not permit a longer stay. Not much happened, but I had time to take some pictures. 
Most lilacs are now past their peak except for this variety, which is different. I fertilized the lilacs with Epsom Salts last year and that, coupled with the fencing, seems to do the trick. Note also the iris. All of this will be gone by Memorial Day.
Hi Hallie!
 A photo-op of Nellie. She took herself on a two-hour tour of the neighborhood Monday evening. That, coupled with the trip yesterday, has evidently tired her out. She's sleeping today.
 Mike on his well-worn Murray lawnmower. He wasn't getting good gas mileage and noticed a split in the gas tank. Fortunately, Murray parts are easy to find.
 Notice the reflection of the house in the pond. Now that I've seen that, I'll have to experiment for better reflection pictures.
This picture shows the unplowed and unplanted fields. 
Just a rustic country view. 


Hallie said...

Everything looks very green and pretty! I've never heard of fertilizing with Epsom salt.

Kathy said...

Years ago a friend told me that my dogwood wanted a cup of Epsom salts, and it appears that the lilacs like it. L.J.says the lilacs love lime. Some people say they never fertilize. And others recommend only one banana peel buried at the roots per year. Decisions, decisions.