Thursday, May 19, 2016


A storm builds over Swallows Nest
It was a warm afternoon yesterday, and Mike suggested we exercise the dogs at the dog park where they could take a dip in the river. I agreed and actually remembered to take the camera. 

Nellie, Mike, and Bess
Nellie used to be our water dog, but she seems to have lost interest. Bess, who had to learn to get her feet wet now loves to retrieve the ball from the water.

 "Come on, Bess. Drop the ball."
 Bess returns with the ball.
 Nellie and Mike


Hallie said...

Swimming takes a lot of energy--I guess Nellie doesn't have the gumption. Bess has the gumption of two dogs!

Kathy said...

You're probably right about Nellie's gumption. I know you're right about Bess. It's wonderful to see that she's overcome her water timidity. When she was a baby, she sat on the beach and whined. "You want me to what?" she cried.