Wednesday, May 4, 2016


108 identical blocks with edging

On Monday (May 2), I finished Hallie’s wedding afghan. Yay!!

I started this afghan – actually a small coverlet – probably in 2009 when Hallie and Nick got married. I couldn’t find the yarn (Red Heart Soft) in the local market, so when we visited Denver, family there helped me find it. (That was before I learned to shop online.)

When I started it, I thought I'd have this coverlet finished in no time. I like “granny square” projects because they’re so easy to carry, and I did take it with me on various trips and crochet the squares as Mike drove. However, a “buffalo” developed in the form of my varying gauge. So, when I resolved to finish this coverlet, I first measured the squares and re-did the “looser” ones. Actually I cheated. I just re-did the outer rows.
I actually like to crochet loosely. I like the softer feel of the yarn. However, I came to see that an afghan will stretch under its own weight unless the gauge is tighter.

Well, once I had finished the coverlet, I washed and dried it. Even though I don't expect my work to fall apart, I'm always gratified when I take it out of the dryer in one piece.

Anyway, it's on to other things. I try not to crochet more than one project at a time, again because of gauge issues. KW


Hallie said...

Ooh! The under-emphasized seven year anniversary gift! :)

Chris said...

It's beautiful!! (I loved your comment about coming out of the dryer whole!!)

And has it really been seven years??

Hallie said...

It will be seven years on August 29th. I blinked! Time flies when you're having fun.

Chris said...

Hallie, so true! It's been forty-four for us and I'm still crazy about that guy. :-)

Keri said...

Chris, how can it be that long??? We aren't that old, are we??