Saturday, May 21, 2016


Yarrow blooms; lavender just coming into bloom

Getting dressed in the morning is not my first priority. I enjoy a little quiet time in my pajamas and robe, sipping a cup of hot chocolate. Mike, on the other hand, gets dressed as soon as he’s up and heads outside. He gets the dogs up and when he has breakfasted, he takes them for a walk. Naturally, in his absence, the dogs still expect that early walk, so I have to alter my routine.

It was a good day. The dogs were more settled and we had our two walks. I picked up my sister and we went to a customer appreciation barbecue for lunch. And then son Clint invited me to join his family for dinner at Tomato Bros in celebration of Maycie’s birthday. I was happy to go.

Two staycation gifts came today – Simple Christmas Tidings: Scrappy Quilts and Projects for Yuletide Style, by Kim Diehl, and Ladies of Leisure (vintage quilts and linens)
Cactus blooms on my driveway
by Suzanne McNeill.

Of course, Mike's travel was never far from my mind. He had said he would return home if trouble with his GPS continued, and if he did, my workroom would need to be quickly reconverted to a kitchen so that I could fix supper. But when I hadn’t heard by early afternoon, I figured I was safe.

Mike called after supper to say he was in Arkata. The new cord seemed to correct the GPS issues. His route took him through the Redwood National Park, and he had enjoyed the day. He even shopped at a Harbor Freight store and bought himself a small but powerful flashlight.  

On to Day 3. KW


Chris said...

I got Kim's new book, too, and love it. Now if only I'd make something, anything, from one of her books. I have them all. Sigh.

Chris said...

Oh, and getting dressed first thing in the morning is never my thing, either. After years of being mom and later years of working, we deserve our leisurely mornings. Of this I am certain. :-)

Kathy said...

Thanks for assuaging my guilt for lounging around in my pajamas. Actually, I even begin my chores in my pajamas.

Well, we should just get together with our extensive collection of Kim Diehl patterns and prints and get to work. My plan is to use her fabric designs to make the "Foursquare Farmhouse" quilt.