Sunday, May 22, 2016


It was a quiet day at home. I walked the dogs at 7:00 a.m. and again at 2:00 p.m. It rained a little this morning, but about 5:30 or so we had a storm.

It was 45 when I got up, and I failed to note today’s high – probably in the mid 60s. It’s 70 in the house, which should be about right for comfort, and yet I’m feeling cold in jeans and sweatshirt.

I worked along on various projects today without finishing anything, unless you count the leggings for Nina Ballerina, but that’s a post of its own. Then I started her new tutu and abandoned my first efforts. I did receive two more staycation books – one on flea market decorating and a coloring book (vintage fashions of the 1920s). I ordered these things from “third party sellers” just before Mike left, thinking they would come in slowly, but sellers seem to have hastened to please me with early deliveries. Hmmm. I may need to make more orders. I’ll give it some thought . . .

Of course, I could buy instant downloads. The trouble with downloads is that I lose track of them. They quickly disappear into overarching categories, such as “patterns,” on my computer. No matter how many sub-files I create, I don’t have a good mental image without some sort of hard copy. One of my goals during this staycation was to print some of my files and work on a better inventory, but our new wireless printer goes to sleep and won’t wake up. Fortunately we had yet to dispose of the little HP 1600, so I set it up. It valiantly chugs along. The trouble is that the ink is so expensive.

Tonight I took the dogs out for a third walk after supper and they seemed to settle down better. I waited for Mike’s call but communication came by email about 9:00. He said he was in a place without cell service. It had rained but could have been worse. And now it’s on to Sunday when the big event will be crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. KW

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