Monday, May 23, 2016


The Dobson Family Home in 1950

It’s so much easier to walk the dogs on the weekends when traffic is lighter. But this dog-sitting has its challenges. One of the dog igloos takes on water when it rains, so I have to dry the rugs. You’d think I could be a bit proactive and take them out before it rains, but no-o-o – not me. Didn’t even think of it.

The old cabin as it appeared in 1950
And on this evening’s constitutional, a little pick-up passed us with a black dog in the bed, and Bess took off after that pick-up like a shot out of a gun. The driver went faster, probably in an attempt to deter Bess, but she just ran all the faster. All I could do was holler for her. And I do mean holler. I no longer have the voice for yelling. Nor do I run. But when Bess came back, she was rather contrite. She knew she was wrong.

Grandma Ina and her daughter Myrtle in 1950. Note the garden.
Today I resumed scanning family photo slides to my laptop, a project left waiting four years ago. You know how it is when you leave a project unfinished in the middle. It’s just difficult to get back into it. Scanning slides demands time and space, and so I decided to tackle it while Mike is away. Unfortunately this first day did not go smoothly. A problem developed and I thought perhaps the software was incompatible with Windows 10. It took two hours for me to figure out that my laptop was operating off the battery, which meant there was no power leftover for the scanner. Once I could resume scanning, I added images taken by my dad's brother, Earle Dobson. I'm sharing a few here.

Mike called about 9:00 and we had a long visit. It had been a long day mostly because of slow traffic. But crossing the Golden Gate Bridge had gone well and so did his navigation of the city. The GPS continues to work well and any problems were easily resolved.


Hallie said...

Those pictures are really neat. I don't recall photos of Ina looking so slight. The garden and fields are beautiful!

Chuck said...

I also remember her as being rather short and stocky. The face is as I remember her. Time changes how we remember people, places, and things, doesn't it.

Kathy said...

Yes, memory isn't exactly true to reality. And pictures aren't always true either. Grandma had been heavier and was watching her diet in the '30s. Well, you remember her better than I, Chuck.

Did you notice on the right of the picture that the lane is newly excavated?