Thursday, May 26, 2016


I’m involved in a meeting today. Anytime I have an activity outside the home, even for just a couple of hours, it seems I just don’t get much else done.

I made a quick trip to stores this morning, leaving dogs in the house. I hadn’t been away from the neighborhood since Friday, and it felt good to be getting out. As I backed the car out of the garage, I remembered I didn’t have my phone. “What if you need help?” said the inner voice. “I’ll just have someone else call Harriet, Ken, Clint, etc.” I answered. Then I realized that I don’t know anyone’s phone number, except Mike’s. All those numbers are in my phone. So, I stopped the car and retrieved it from the house. Of course, I didn't need it. Now if only I remember to take it out of my purse.

“You could live a little,” I said to myself in the grocery store. So I bought blueberries ($7.99 for 18 ounces), vanilla ice cream, a variety of yogurt treats, and a small Diet Coke for after the meeting. Yes, I know it isn’t good for me, and I gave it up “cold turkey” a year ago, but believe me, since I don ‘t drink “spirits,” I will need that Diet Coke after the meeting.

Back at home after the meeting, I walked the dogs and then sat back with my Diet Coke on the rocks. As I sipped along, I contemplated the fact that I had no internet connection. Dealing with these things is Mike’s job, but after several hours I realized that the problem was not going to go away on its own. Who could I call, I wondered, so that I wouldn’t have to call my internet provider? I considered doing without the internet. Why, I remember when we didn’t even have an internet and life proceeded normally. But, I believe you have to be a problem solver as long as you can or they'll come move you to the home. So I called CableOne and the tech walked me through resetting the modem. (I had reset the router but not the modem.) Then he told me that we really need to upgrade that outdated modem. Hmmm. Maybe that’s our anniversary present.

Mike didn’t call until nearly 10:00 and gave me a complete rundown on the day’s geocaches. He had “no finds,” but in the end he had managed to find a cache in whatever county that was. The motel wasn’t great, he said, but they did have a computer, and he had caught up on his logs. I told him about the modem. KW


Chris said...

I have the same problem with my phone. It's usually in my purse, in the coat closet, and I can't hear it ring or when I get a text. If I leave it on the counter, I invariably leave it at home. I refuse to keep in my jeans back pocket.

I gave up diet Coke cold turkey, too. I don't think I've had a whole one in years but confess to snitching sips from Dan's occasionally. Sometimes we just need the bubbles and the caffeine.

Kathy said...

You're right -- bubbles and caffeine. Those of us who loved Diet Coke have a hard time finding a satisfying yet healthful replacement. Yes, I know -- we should just drink water, but I have never been keyed to it.

chuck said...

I'm finally getting weaned off soda's, after many many years of being pretty much addicted to it. The sugar is bad for me, the artificial sweetener is bad for me, the carbonation is bad for me, so why drink it? I drink one occasionally, though.

Joanne said...

I had the same problem with my I Phone. Then I bought a retractable key chain with a belt clip on it. I just hook it onto my waistband or belt and wear it on me wherever I go. When it rings I just pull the phone up and it extends up to my mouth on the key chain. Then when I'm done it retracts back into its little round case on my belt. The chain attached onto my cell phone protector case. If I didn't have that case on the phone, there would be no way to attach the key chain ring to the phone. I got the retractable key chain from Ace Hardware.

Kathy said...

Mother drank tea in the afternoons -- hot tea in winter and iced tea in summer. We didn't know about sun tea. The tea was brewed strong, then cooled and ice added. We thought it had to be done just right. Silly us!

When I quit Diet Coke, I figured others would also be at a loss for refreshing beverages and researched online for alternatives. One writer said that if you love Diet Coke, you won't easily find an alternative, and I agree. I keep sparkling water on hand and add a little frozen concentrated juice to sweeten it. This summer I'll probably drink iced tea.

Joanne, I think you get a lot more calls than I do. I used my phone quite a bit this past week, but weeks go by without a call. Thanks for telling about your solution. I'll keep it in mind.