Friday, May 27, 2016


A beautiful afternoon in our 'hood
Here we are at Wednesday. I told you the time would fly. And when Mike called tonight, he reminded me that he would be home Friday evening. Yikes!  Time to close the workshop and reconvert the kitchen.

Today I had a dental appointment at 8:45, which meant I had to get up early, walk the dogs, and get myself organized for a morning out. After the walk, I put the dogs in their kennel.

Clouds seem to creep over the hill -- ominous
The dental appointment went fine and it was a relief to finally have that loose filling repaired. Then I went to sister Harriet’s house. It’s her birthday today, and we visited and then went to lunch at Ernie’s Steakhouse where we sat on the balcony with a view of the valley. It was chilly until they moved us into the sun. We each had a hamburger. It tasted so good!

Back at home, I let the dogs out of the kennel and they napped in the house for a while. Bess is allowed to go in and out. She entertains herself with a ball or sits on top of the hill and watches. But Nellie may not go out unaccompanied because she wanders off. That’s bad enough, but she also finds her way into fenced yards and then can’t find her way out. She can’t – or doesn’t – hear, so it’s especially important to keep tabs on her. She doesn’t like that, though. I’ve learned that she needs some time to roam on her own, so I try to give her that while she’s under my watchful eye. Her care is time-consuming.

Nellie dawdles along
The chilly morning became a warm afternoon – 82 – and Nellie drug along on the walk. (She does not tolerate heat well.) When we got back to the house, she had some difficulty recovering, and I figured she would be too tired to move for the rest of the day. I was wrong. I inadvertently left the screen door open and while my back was turned, she slipped out. I looked up the street – and down the street. I looked behind the neighbors’ houses. I put my shoes on and went to the field behind the house. It’s practically useless to look for her because she could be around any corner. But then, to my relief, she suddenly appeared at the back door.

"I'm waiting for you."
The dogs don’t settle down well on these long evenings. “We don’t want to lie down,” they say. “I want to sit on your lap, Kathy” says Nellie. “No! – me, me. I want to sit on Kathy’s lap,” demands Bossy Bess. At 9:15 I put them to bed – and went to bed myself.

I looked over the slide project again this afternoon and decided that not all images need to be saved digitally and some don’t need to be saved at all. Apparently I had concluded this previously because in 2012 I wrote on a certain box, “Not interesting – some not even good – possible tossers.” I was of the same opinion today, so out they went.
L.J. at 3 1/2 years

But, I am careful because I also find precious gems, an example being this one of L.J. taken on Christmas Eve in 1958. KW

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