Tuesday, June 7, 2016


“I’m going to make a curtain for the bathroom today,” I said on Saturday, “and I hope it doesn’t become another unfinished object.”

That said, I went off to Jo-Ann’s, and poking around there, I found a pair of curtain holdbacks on clearance. Just what I needed and at a great price! It was a sign.

Back home, I planned, cut, and began sewing. Mike said it was time to take the dogs for an outing and I feared I wouldn’t finish the curtain, but when we got home, I headed straight for the sewing room and got it done before supper.

The next day, Mike installed the holdback for me. The window is frosted, but sometimes in the summer we open it. And now, when it's open, I can unhook the curtain for privacy.

Yeah – it’s not long enough and perhaps it could be fuller. But it’s a start. And it’s better than what was up there for the last eleven years. KW

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