Monday, June 6, 2016


What DIDN'T I do this weekend is the real question. Here's what I (sometimes "we") did:

- rented a truck, made two trips and filled the raised garden bed with soil (we).

- painted a first and second coat on the front bedroom door and closet door.

- oh, Nick bought baseboard trim, so I knocked out two coats of paint on those, too.

- I resurrected the spice cabinet door and lovingly patched where it had been split in the center (a punch?). I carved out the hinge mortise so that the new hinges would fit and chiseled a new mortise where it will mount on the cabinet. Sanded, patched some more, sanded, primed, and put a first coat of paint on one side.


- I learned how to rewire a lamp. This was the original copper chandelier that hung in the dining room. It's actually very thin brass coated in copper. The copper is wearing off and it's not a very fine piece. It had a decent patina, but it was covered in paint from not being protected (previous owner), so I cleaned it with vinegar and salt last weekend. I've now repurposed it as a project lamp. It hangs from a bungee cord in the garage and currently only has two bulbs because that's all I had on hand. Mike Warnock's daughter? Why yes, I am. How did you know? Nick says it's a Charlie Brown lamp.

- I also watered plants, mowed, sorted through things and made a Goodwill pile and read half a book.

Nick says I loooove to work. I say I just love DOIN' things. So sad the weekend is over.

Just one more thing -- I did some organizing in the garage. Nick had a bunch of loose drill bits, so I wrapped an empty screw box in duct tape and made him a "bit box". I would be lying if I said I didn't crack myself up with this. HWJ

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