Monday, July 25, 2016


Mike left this morning to complete his goal of retrieving a geocache from each California county. He completed southern California in in May and now he’s off to visit northern California. What with the reports of heat and wildfires, I wonder if he could have picked a more challenging time. Fortunately a friend advised him to avoid Yosemite.

The morning did not get off to a good start. Mike wanted an early start but suffered some delays. As he filled the bladder of his “camel” at the sink, he spilled water on the floor and got one of his socks wet. He said he didn’t have another pair (?), so we dried that one with a hair dryer.

He opened the kennel and the dogs got up. Unfortunately, when no one was looking, Nellie exited through the open slider and disappeared. Well, I wasn’t mad at the dog, if you get my drift. The dogs know what’s up when Mike leaves – and they don’t like it. We figured Nellie was making a statement. She’s obstinate in her old age and has a mind of her own. She has accepted that she doesn’t hear well and rather likes it.

Before “hitting the road,” Mike took a turn around the neighborhood to look for Nellie, but he didn’t find her. Oh well. He said he was leaving and off he went. I have only mental pictures of the leave-taking event, but I can tell you it looked very much like the other leaving takings. It was about 6:15 a.m.

So, I took Bess for her morning walk, and when we arrived back at the house, there was Nellie at the back door. Yes, she was nervous about how she would be received. She danced around me and seeing she was not going to be chastised, she jumped into the house like a young dog.

Product DetailsAfter such a stressful morning, I decided I owed it to myself to order some rewards through Amazon – “Spoiled by Grandma” by Dept. 56 and a book of granny square motifs. Then, having selected a pattern for a Christmas afghan – the “Family Favorite Blanket” from Annie’s A Granny Square Christmas – I took myself to Jo-Ann’s where I bought inexpensive Caron yarn. They didn’t have a nice bright red, but Walmart did, so I have the yarn I need through local purchase. I’m not sure it’s really a staycation reward, but it felt good to be able to start this holiday project without delay.

I always start projects while Mike is gone. Then he comes home, and somehow the time to work on projects slips away. However, this is simple, so perhaps I can keep the momentum.

This evening I joined sister Harriet and her group at Spot On Yogurt for dessert. What fun! KW


Hallie said...

Where is Spot On Yogurt?

Kathy said...

A door or two away from Hastings and Erb Hardware -- very close to Grocery Outlet. Most of the group live in that neighborhood and have been meeting there most every Sunday night in the summer.

Spot On also had a shop next door to the Clarkston Albertsons, but it didn't catch on there and closed after a few months.

Chris said...

Can't wait to see the afghan--a fun Christmas project! One thing I like about Granny Squares is how portable they are. Quilting, not so much.

That Nellie! She's certainly gotten quite stubborn in her old age! Is the figure a stand alone or small enough to be part of house scenarios?

Kathy said...

Yes, the granny squares are portable and it's practical as a summertime project because you aren't working under a blanket that's getting bigger and bigger.

Yes, Nellie has a mind of her own, as we say. Basically, she's such a sweet dog, but she does like to be off on her own.

The figurine is little -- an accessory for the Original Snow Village. I have both the "Grandma" houses -- Thanksgiving and Christmas -- so this will fit.