Wednesday, July 27, 2016


It was 63 when I arose this morning. The house felt warm and stuffy. The dogs and I got out early for a walk around our very long block. We went out several times late afternoon but only for a few minutes. Nellie has never had much heat tolerance. She heads right back to the house on these hot days.

Today I cooked the hawthorn berries (haws). To just under one pound of berries I added four cups of water and simmered for an hour. It made two cups of nice-looking juice, which I put in the freezer. Next week at the farm, I’ll check for berries again and either pick more or give it up and use the juice on hand for jelly.

It was a quiet “at home” day but not without trials. I completed six granny squares and then discovered the outer two rounds were the wrong color. Okay – I could have left it. After all, designs are just someone’s idea anyway. But it’s complicated enough working with various color combinations without complicating it further. I removed the erroneous rounds and made good progress with the “correct” colors.

Nellie slept all day. Bess was in and out. Mid-morning, I realized I hadn’t seen her for a while and found her snoozing under Mike’s desk. When he works at his computer, she often lounges there at his feet. Again this afternoon I missed her, and she was inside the neighbor’s fenced yard. No one knows how she got in there.

When my children were little, I remember reading articles about how important it was for a mother to have the stimulation of adult conversation at some point during the day. Yes, I thought of that today as I talked to the dogs. Tomorrow I’m going to sister Harriet’s to talk about Christmas duets, recipes, P.E.O. duties, and family matters. I’m looking forward to it.

Special Occasion Fashions for 18" DollsToday I ordered a pattern book download as my staycation reward. This particular book, crochet patterns for 18-inch dolls, includes several for crocheted bodices with tulle skirts. I love those.

Mike didn’t call until 10:30 p.m. I wasn’t particularly worried because I knew a number of things could delay him. He had arrived in Stockton late, he said, and then used the lobby computer to log his caches. The day had been hot – 105 to 108. He added it got hot early there – was 100 by noon.

“But Mike,” I responded, “it was 105 here today – and 100 at noon.”

Welcome to summer. KW


Chris said...

The granny squares are so pretty! At least you realized your mistake before you'd done more. I'm proud of you for ripping and redoing right away. That always makes it easier for me to keep going (yup, I have to rip and redo, too!).

It's been warm here, but nothing like the valley gets. And it generally cools down quite nicely at night. Stay cool!

Kathy said...

Yes, the valley gets hot, and we will have summer nights when it doesn't cool down. The altitudes often have a nice breeze.

I have now nearly finished my second set of six grannies.