Sunday, September 25, 2016


Daughter Hallie sent pictures of the finished deck on the back of their little Tudor in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. First, let's enjoy this reminder of how the back of the house looked when they moved in. Rickety stairs led from the back door to the yard with a separate and equally rickety deck off the bedroom.

Now the stairway and small deck are finished. "It's so novel being able to walk out the back door!" comments Hallie. The lattice work serves to hide the area under the deck, but they also made a gate so that its functional for storage.
I loved the pictures of the stairway from the yard, but I wanted to know more about the little “side deck” and requested a picture from the top. 

Hallie says: “The giant plants out in the raised bed are Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. It's an experiment we probably won't repeat. Where you see dirt in the yard, we will make a patio. To the right, we'll use pavers to create a level area with a table and chairs. At the side of the house and on the left we'll use flagstone. At the back of the yard, we'll move dirt from excavating for the patio and likely cover with mulch. You see that we still have the overgrown laurels. We don't love them, but they create privacy and shade. They'll be a project for some other year."


Chris said...

That deck/porch/stairs is (are?) beautiful!! I am so impressed with all the work Hallie and Nick are putting into this house. The patio and flagstone will be the perfect addition. ♥

Mike said...

It's looking great. Fantastic job!