Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Mike and hunting partner Ken left early Saturday morning (Sept. 24) to hunt sharp-tail grouse near Chinook, MT (20 miles from Havre). The trip from here to there is about ten hours. Bess went along, but Nellie and I stayed behind. Nellie felt something at being left. She understands that she can’t go anymore and curled up with her back to the door. As for me, you couldn’t pay me to go.

I can, however, be bribed to stay behind with “staycation” gifts. Saturday morning I headed to The Hangar Antique Mall where I purchased this wonderful old lighted Christmas decoration. I paid $12.50 for it and I can just hear Mike now: “I can’t believe what they ask you to pay for this old stuff.” “Well,” I might counter, “all you have to do is surf through the Vermont Country Store to see what they ask for the reproductions, and then what they tack on for shipping, and it looks like a bargain to me.” Yes, I am aware that it’s slightly tacky, but I like the vintage look for my understated farmhouse Christmas. I tell myself that Ina would approve.

Oh! And there have been other staycation gifts, too – a quilting book here, a color book there, some vintage ephemera in the mix – but the main gift is the Dept. 56 “Toads and Frogs Haunted Witch House,” which was delivered from Amazon today. (The staging still lacks a little something.)

Since it’s officially fall, my thoughts turn lightly to the coming holidays. True to form, inspiration got out of hand and the other night I searched for patterns to start a new project. Re-taking control, I firmly reminded myself that I have plenty to keep me busy. A list helped me focus. As a result, I’ve nearly finished the Christmas granny afghan.

Useless sign
Nellie explores the gulley
Sunday morning I figured Nellie would sleep in, but no, it wasn’t 7:00 yet when I heard her rattling her gate and whining. I wasted no time letting her out, and then she pressed me for the morning walk. “It’s a beautiful day in the ‘hood,” she seemed to say. “Let’s get out while it’s cool. I have a hankering to smell some smells. Wow! I can tell it’s fall, can’t you?” She was frisky, trotting right along. It wouldn’t be so noteworthy except that Nellie often doesn’t want to go with Mike and Bess for the morning walk. If Mike is serious about getting her out, he’ll put her on a leash. Otherwise, she’ll come right back to the house.

The hunters will be home tomorrow, so the staycation really is drawing to a close. KW


Chuck said...

You explained most of the photos, but not quite. What was the significance of the "SLOW" sign? Do you have slow dust there? You must have a story.

Kathy said...

Well . . . the pavement only goes so far. Then it's a gravel road, but drivers don't slow down, which creates dust. Looks like the sign was put up by the home owners association, but it still seems silly. No one pays any attention. What was the motivation? Are they hoping to keep their rural homes cleaner? Maybe.

Thanks for your interest.

Chuck said...

What was the motivation for the photo?

Chris said...

I see the reason for the sign--your comment underneath! The sign is useless because no one obeys it.

I like your choir boys! Looks like something I would have seen at your house back in the day and that makes me smile. I'm not much into decorating for Halloween, just go for fall, but your new Dept. 56 items looks wonderfully detailed.

Kathy said...

My motivation for taking the picture of the sign was an illustration for the post. And Chris is right. No one obeys it. It's a useless sign. I just think it's funny that someone would go to the trouble to post it.

I decorate for Halloween, then take down the spooky stuff and increase the harvest/Thanksgiving items. Unfortunately the display stand doesn't sit where I can gaze at it during the evening, but I do enjoy the glow from the lights.

I'm glad you like my choir boys. Obviously they struck a cord in my memory, though I don't remember anything exactly like them. A new base and perhaps discarding the plastic poinsettia might freshen it.

Hallie said...
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