Monday, November 28, 2016


Cards from Harriet

If my late sister Harriet were still here, I would already have a Christmas card from her taped to the glass of my breakfront. Harriet loved to sign and address her cards before Thanksgiving so that she could enjoy the process unhurriedly. Then she would pop them into the mail the day after Thanksgiving, and I loved that we would have received an early Christmas card. At the time of her passing, she was getting ready. She had already printed the labels.

Today my heart felt heavy when I thought of how cards from Harriet are now a thing of the past, but every year I save a few of the cards we have received – just a few that strike my fancy – so I reviewed them to see if I had any from Harriet. I found five, and of course, I taped all of them to the breakfront.

Harriet chose her cards with care. Keeping up with friends and family was important to her. She always chose a quality card and preferred one which was printed in the U.S.A. She lamented that those are increasingly difficult to find.
The prettiest sight to see

In 2010, Harriet’s card was a photo pouch into which was inserted a photo collage of her first great-grandchild. She was so thrilled to be a great-grandma. “I didn’t think it would happen before I died,” she told me.

Well, December is just days away now. Yesterday I bought one of Costco’s big beautiful wreaths for our front door. It’s the prettiest sight to see, you know – the holly on your own front door. KW


Becky said...

And her Christmas cards always had to have the word "Love" in or on them somewhere.

Kathy said...

I didn't know the word "Love" was especially important to Harriet, though I'm not surprised. Actually, I had contemplated writing the sentiments from a couple of the cards into the post but decided against it. However, one was particularly lovely and I thought it expressed Harriet so well:
"Shepherds, angels, innkeepers, kings . . .
From the very beginning,
Christmas has brought people together.
Thinking of you this season
and hoping you feel the Love
that connects us all." (from a Hallmark Christmas card)

Keri said...

I really looked forward to getting the card from Aunt Harriet every year. She always made me feel loved and remembered!

Kathy said...

The fact is, you ARE loved and remembered, so it's lovely that Harriet conveyed that to you. I think you have really hit upon the reason we used to send cards at Christmas, and I feel it's something that slipping by the wayside, perhaps in part because women today are busy.

Keri said...

It is so true. I know I am remiss in doing that and I have resolved to be better about it.

Kathy said...

We'd love to hear from you more often, but please don't feel guilty. The days just slip by so quickly!