Tuesday, November 29, 2016


As Mike and I prepared for a quick trip to the farm this morning, I lifted my clothes basket of “returns” from the top shelf in the garage. Ewww! Mouse sign all over my clean towels and rags. And they had gnawed a plastic sack in which I had other laundry. Those clothes looked all right, but I tossed everything into the laundry nevertheless. One can’t be too careful, I say.

“Oh yeah,” said Mike when I mentioned the mice, “I noticed a dog food sack had been gnawed.” Mice love dog food, you know.

So, the uneasy truce is over. This means war! We’re getting our ammunition in order for the battle. Actually, at the farm, where I wage major skirmishes with the mice, we didn’t see many in the house this year, and that begs the question, “Where are they?” You know they’re someplace – probably hiding in the trenches. However, near our town house, the fields are riddled with rodent activity, probably voles or pocket gophers. And mouse sign in the garage is just too close for comfort, though garages are susceptible of infiltration.

So, anyway, we did go to the farmhouse. As you can see from the pictures, there’s just a little snow, but more is predicted for tomorrow and the next day. I unloaded my basket of goodies – not much since I had to leave the now un-fresh laundry in town for re-washing -- and then I re-loaded with towels and bedding, a few Christmas magazines, a piece of fabric, a string of vintage Christmas lights, a jar of jelly, etc. We ate a light lunch and then, having accomplished our missions, we headed back to town.

Be sure to visit tomorrow for the introduction to my advent posts. KW


Keri said...

I am looking forward to your Advent posts. It has been so fun to read them, and to see the pictures of everyone from the era. Thank you for doing them, and I'm happy you are going to continue on with them! Love you!

Kathy said...

Thank you, Keri! Encouragement is always appreciated. Love you, too.

Mike said...

Kathy set 4 traps. Had two mice by bedtime - a juvenile and big momma.