Thursday, November 17, 2016


Beautiful tree across the street

Finally temps have turned more seasonably cold. Mike lit our first fire of the season in the little stove last night. The morning low was around 31. And right now (3:00 p.m.) it’s only 46

I just finished this sparkly gold holiday doll dress using the free “Shiny Happy Dress” pattern from Liberty Jane. The stretchy knit fabric was actually a very short skirt I bought off the clearance rack at Walmart for $3.00.

Being a chubby girl, Maryellen was delighted with the fit of this stretchy long t-shirt. However, the dress will go to her cousin Elizabeth who lives in Colorado. Maryellen smiled bravely through her tears at this news, even if it did cause her to fall off the ironing board. KW


Chris said...

Oh so cute!!! Is there not enough fabric left to make another?

Kathy said...

I'm not really good with these knits, Chris. Wish you were here. I suspect I stretch the fabric too much -- don't know how not to do that. You can say practice makes perfect, but sometimes you have to infuse some learning. But as I once heard said on a sewing program: "Don't worry about the stitching; these are doll clothes."

The original skirt was just 15", including the 2" ribbing at the waist. (Mighty short, but then I suppose I wore them that way back in the day.) I used the hem of the skirt as the hem of the dress, so it was super fast to make. I hope to make use of the ribbing on other doll outfits.

I'll see if I can get another dress out of it.

Hallie said...

Agreed! Very cute. I said this yesterday and then Blogger/Google made me log in and wiped my comment instead of posting it. Darn you, Blogger/Google! *fist shaking in air*

Kathy said...

Believe me -- it has happened to many potential commenters. Harriet got so frustrated that she quit trying to post and would just send me emails when she had something to say. That worked just as well, I suppose, because I posted them for her and then archived for future interest.