Sunday, December 11, 2016


My parents sent this card to piano students and grandchildren, c. 1965

Yes, I know this is a dog.
The moon was shining in brightly and lighting the tree and everything else in sight. One of Earle’s packages contained two fresh coconuts and a small tin of salmon -- “For Mr. Teeny and family from Pappy and Mammy.” “Mr. Teeny” is a black cat they brought home last spring and proved to be a “Mrs.” Now she has four very pretty black kittens like herself. They had been regaled on beef liver already and so had Dick [the dog]. Dad had wished all the stock a Merry Christmas and made them happy with extra feed of oats, etc., as he always does. Later we opened the salmon and gave Teeny a bit wishing her a Merry Christmas, then a second bit with instructions to pass the greetings along to her family. After that we gave them all some. Ina Dobson, Christmas 1932

Farm kittens in '20s
The cats in the picture are not black, so obviously not "Mr. Teeny," but we see that the family kept cats and enjoyed them. KW


Hallie said...

Someone is trying to tempt those kittens in the photo. Do you suppose they were hoping to capture a photo of them on their hind legs? That would probably have been difficult given the need to be still.

Kathy said...

Yes -- I think that's exactly what happened. I have another picture where the photographer successfully catches the cat reaching as Aunt Ethel tempts it. I'll post that one day.