Thursday, December 29, 2016


“New Year’s Eve the Harold Powells asked Henry, Myrtle and myself over for the evening and we had a most enjoyable time listening to their good radio and playing anagrams. They really are delightful people. We didn’t come home till after 2 a.m. so we were somewhat sleepy at Aunt’s the next day. She had the usual big dinner which everyone thoroughly enjoyed . . .

“Last Tuesday night we had a few people in for the evening . . . Myrtle was very anxious to have “Pit” so we got a “Pit” deck and played that and “Anagrams.” Had lunch about midnight and we might have tried some square dances, for we can get good music over the radio, but it was too late. Mama stood it very well; we had planned she could slip away to bed, but she stayed up after all. We had a nice time and I think the folks did though we did nothing so exciting.” Shirley Dobson on New Year 1934

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