Sunday, February 26, 2017


Seems like the annual trend in the new year is to reorganize one's home, especially the cluttered areas -- the sewing room, the workshop, the kitchen, etc. To that end, we're bombarded with ideas -- baskets, plastic containers, closet organizers, etc., which will supposedly solve all our clutter problems -- at least until next year. 

Daughter Hallie and Nick have continued to devote hours to the renovating of their little Tudor in Seattle. Naturally, during the winter months, the work is mostly indoors. I think they're about finished with the two bedrooms, the front bedroom now serving as a den. (I think I have that right.) Now they're working on the living and dining rooms. They had professional help with the ceiling, I believe, but for the most part, they do the work themselves. 

The mess

Last week Hallie said that she was tired of the dust and clutter, especially in the work area. 

The cabinet

Nick found a cabinet at Goodwill (or a thrift store) for $35, which he subsequently bought and managed to bring home. She said it was a little smaller than what she had envisioned, but it would do. Then she had the work of cleaning the dust off paint cans, supplies, and such.  
The glory

It's always a good feeling when you've made a positive change. 

And I'm proud of them for thinking to buy used, thus practicing to reduce waste in the world. KW


Hallie said...

I love my new cabinet! The last two years of living in transitional spaces has made for clutter and disorganization. With each improvement I feel a bit more like my proper self.

Chris said...

I totally undertstand your comment above, Hallie! I need order!! Your new cabinet looks wonderfully organized and makes it easier to start a new project.

Kathy said...

Sometimes I think I move through the world like "Pigpen" (all right -- maybe not quite that bad), but I struggle to learn order because "in beauty, grandeur, order, His handiwork is shown."