Friday, March 3, 2017


Gifts for Chapter Sisters

My brother called last night to ask what had happened to the blog posts. Organizational duties, dental work, Mike under the weather – a few things like that and the muse goes away. If you have the “blahs,” you likely write “blahgs.”

“Do you think I need to use a safety razor?” I asked Mike.
“Are you talking about the heavy metal handle with the blades? I didn’t know you could still get those. Wouldn’t something disposable be better? Those plastic razors are light.”

Well, he missed the point about keeping plastic razors out of the landfill, but he made the same point that Chris did in previous comments. The so-called safety razor is heavy and can inflict damage if dropped. I don’t know why they call it a safety razor. Safe compared to what? The blades are dangerous to handle and equally as dangerous when tossed in the garbage. Those of us who came through the safety razor era know the pitfalls firsthand. My mother would never allow me to change the blade. As I was leaving for college, my parents gave me a pretty pink electric Remington razor for my 18th birthday, and that was my first experience shaving my legs with something other than a safety razor.

Snow on Monday (2/27) didn't stay long
So, after due consideration, I decided to keep the Schick plastic unit I bought and pay the exorbitant price for the blades. And in my case, I won’t need to replace the blade often.

Since our discussion of plastic reduction some weeks back, I have managed to remember my reusable shopping bags (most of the time), and I’ve used my reusable produce bags. I’ve carried kitchen scraps to the garbage without wrapping them in plastic first. And Mike called the publisher of the weekly free classifieds paper to request they not leave one at our house, thus eliminating both the paper and its plastic wrapper from our garbage. As soon as I can, I will set up some kind of composting unit for the town house. (Those compost bins are expensive.) Oh, and I’ve started recycling more paper waste.
Monday (2/27)

As I shopped the other day, I noticed that you can buy paper “scrap” bags and trash can liners. Price? -- $6.00+ for 30 of the smallest bags. That’s the trouble with trying to be environmentally correct. It’ll cost you.

But – in consideration of the environment, it’s not just plastics reduction that matters. It’s the disposal of anything. I tossed a cracked 1 ½ quart crock pot liner last week and afterwards wondered how I could have reused it.  Hmmm. Sometimes you just have to toss.

Well, we try to do the best we can. KW


Chuck said...

Yea! You're back into the thick of thin things. Also, I noticed the snow around the area. We've been getting much of nothing. Spring is just around the corner. I promise. Also, your 'blahg' definitely wasn't. Plastics are a pain, and I guess we can't do much except buy the things which are the least difficult to get rid of in the environment. Our local grocery store is now putting the groceries into paper bags. Every little bit helps.

Hallie said...

Well, I've been using Nick's safety razor (safer than a STRAIGHT razor, don't you think?). I should get my own. I have been sitting in the tub while shaving and dropping it hasn't been an issue. The shave seems much better than with any other method I've used, and the changing the blades hasn't been a problem. I just grab it from the short side (non-blade end). But, there are greater evils than razor disposal, so don't regret your choice.

I have missed the action on the blog, but mostly because I've been home sick all week just lying in bed wishing for entertainment.

Hallie said...

Oh, I forgot to say that the hangers are super cute!

Chris said...

Just look at all that work you did! I'm sure they'll love the hangars.