Friday, March 17, 2017


Nellie & Bess are always willing to help with the dishes.

Nephew L.J. researched the relationship between the dishwasher detergent pacs, such as Cascade Complete, and dishwasher problems and shared the links.  He adds, "I have never had a problem in my washer, however, it is an older washer. Maybe the issue is with newer machines." 

I believe the issue IS with newer machines largely because of water efficiency. I think the packs need plenty of hot water and perhaps some agitation in order to dissolve properly. I plan to continue using the pacs but to place them in the basket rather than the soap receptacle. And I'll try to run the dishwasher when hot water is available at the kitchen tap, such as after our showers. It's true that it takes about 30 seconds for the water to come in hot, and in an efficient machine, that means the first cycle might run pretty cold. Then I'll check the filter regularly. I could also make a slit in the pack -- one of the tips that Mike also suggested.

You know, of course, that my dishes are "clean" when I put them in the dishwasher -- as clean as Bess and Nell can get them. No food chunks, no crumbs, no goo enters my dishwasher. The dishes just need to be washed for sanitation purposes. Bess and Nell are just pretty darn efficient.

Here are the links L.J. found.

Here is another one but is a little off topic:

And, finally my last contribution to the subject—


Hallie said...

Very nice of LJ to do some research for us! I'll have to read on my bus ride home--not that I have a dishwasher at present, just good old Brunhilda and Bruno.

Chris said...

Hallie, who is your Brunhilda? (Or is it you?)

Hallie said...

I'm Brunhilda and Nick is Bruno. :) I have to say, I read one of LJs links and I'm feeling skeptical of those pacs!