Saturday, March 11, 2017


Crocus -- a true sign of spring

Tomorrow at 2:00 a.m. we begin daylight savings time. Sigh! “Dear Abby” says she’s happy to change her clocks because she sees it as a sign of spring. Whatever! Just live by the clock for a week and you’ll get used to it.

I’ve been doing some machine embroidery and also making doll clothes. It’s taken me all winter to get to it, and now it’s about time for trips to the farm, yard work, and other interruptions. I had a good time at my sewing machine, though, and I hope I can keep it up. It gives me a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. The items here are going home with niece Becky for her granddaughter (my great-great niece) but are modeled here by American Girl Kit Kittredge, aka "Shirley Anne, American Farm Girl."

This reversible halter top (photos right, top and bottom) is an in-the-hoop machine embroidery design by "Digitized Creations (here)." The simple skirt is made according to their suggestions. The jeans are from Liberty Jane (here). We were laughing today that those of us with soft bottoms don't wear jeans well, and the soft bodied 18-inch doll is no exception. She wouldn't be without jeans, though. All her friends wear them.

I crocheted this bright sweater some years ago and never finished it. The time was right. Perhaps she can wear it over the halter top on cooler days.

And here are Nellie and Bess taking their morning nap. They will continue to take leisurely morning naps in spite of the time change. KW


Chuck said...

That first picture is a sure sign of spring. I hope all your plants weathered the winter without problems.

Chris said...

The doll clothes are adorable!! Well done you!

Kathy said...

Chuck -- Some of the garden is looking rather "tough," all right. We'll just have to see. At any rate, I expect to plant more drought-tolerants this spring.

Thanks, Chris! I have more ideas to pursue -- maybe today!