Wednesday, April 19, 2017


The town house -- Mike has done a lot of weeding, including pulling out some sagebrush.

Mike and I are shopping local nurseries in order to augment our drought-tolerant plantings, both here and at the farm. Perennials are always expensive, and while we say we don’t mind, there’s a certain element of sticker shock when we do the math. As we looked over the available offerings, a fellow shopper commented, “It’s too early!” We agreed and left without buying. Morning temps are still on the chilly side. I would not say that "all danger of frost is past."

After walking the dogs on a recent afternoon, I settled down to take a few stitches in my sewing room but could not shake the feeling that something was crawling on my neck. Later – to my horror – I discovered a tick crawling on my arm. Grasping the loathsome little critter between my thumb and forefinger, I disposed of it at the kitchen sink.

Fast forward to the evening hours, and Mike removed a tick from his abdomen. He said he had felt something crawling on his neck but couldn’t find it until it was on his stomach. Unfortunately, he was a bit offhand about it, not quite realizing what he had, and the pesky thing was dropped. I have no idea where in my house – or on one of us – the pesky little nuisance is lurking.

Two ticks discovered in one day! It seems early, but apparently it isn’t. I vowed to stop walking on the grass, but of course, the dogs are undoubtedly the culprits. Sure enough! I removed two ticks from behind Bess’ ears and one from Nellie’s chest. Time to get the tick repellent going. Bess gets oral medication which will about last the season. We use a topical product on Nellie. And -- I might check into a repellent for myself.

Our house is in the center of the photo -- shop/garage has green roof.
Some of you have asked about the construction project in the field above our house. The work is progressing slowly, and in conversation with the new owner, apparently he had thought he would build his house on the back of the lot (away from the street) but ran into sand and had to change his plans. His says the building process will be slow.  KW


Hallie said...

Ick! Nooooo!

Kathy said...

Mike went to the vet yesterday and purchased two doses of oral tick repellent -- very expensive. Both girls got a tick-repelling cookie for breakfast this morning. Meanwhile I took a tick off of Bess last night and one this morning.

Chris said...

Yikes!! Ticks!