Tuesday, April 4, 2017


We had a geocaching outing yesterday (Monday, April 3), but before we left town we had to get gas, so Mike dropped me off at Jo-Ann's while he went on to Costco.

Jo-Ann’s annual “Daffodil Dash” sale was underway, and that was apropos because I didn’t have much time. With list in hand, I dashed all over the store. I need a couple of small gauge crochet hooks (B and C), so I went to that aisle first. I picked up a "C" but they had no "Bs." (I have since ordered the "B" from Amazon.) Then it was on to pearl cotton where I grabbed a few more skeins from the clearance basket, over to thread where I chose a couple of spools of 100% cotton, and finally to fat quarters where I quickly chose five or so at 75 cents each. (As Chris points out, at that price they are great for experimental sewing.) I was just completing my purchase when Mike came in. He said it had taken him so long to get gas that he thought I would be waiting. A long time? It was just seconds . . .

Clinton Cemetery
Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind geocaching, especially if it takes us to safe locations where it’s okay to be. (Sometimes that’s not the case.) Our first cache was perhaps the most interesting – the Clinton Cemetery. Undoubtedly the old settlement of Clinton was much like our Gilbert, where the cemetery is all that’s left of a small but thriving agricultural community. The old neglected cemetery sits on a knoll above the road, hidden from view. The graves were quite old, but I noticed one dated 2004.
Moscow Mountain from Clinton Cemetery

But – I find looking for small, obscure caches in the urban setting stressful. By 2:30, I was tired and ready to go home, but we continued another hour and a half. Mike said we found eight caches. I think we had two “no finds.”
Cherry tree blossoms
One of the reasons for the trip to Moscow at this time was that Mike wanted to pick up the new shoes he left for alterations at the shoe shop there. Unfortunately, neither one of us thought to wonder if the store might be closed on Monday. (The store was closed.) So, we didn’t accomplish that mission.

It was chilly. I took both a jacket and a coat, and I was glad I had my coat. It was 32 here when I got up this morning (Tuesday), but it felt like 23. KW


Chris said...

I'm glad you got to take advantage of the Daffodil Dash--there were some really good deals! I'm working on a project with two of my $.75 fat quarters and having fun. Hope you are, too!

Kathy said...

We went to the farm yesterday, and I haven't made it to the sewing room yet. I did bring back my collection of random fat quarters, so now I have a broader selection -- and that counts as fun. And today my "B" crochet hook will be delivered.

Looking forward to seeing your project.

Chris said...

Project is coming along. I spent much of today in the dentist's chair, so hope to sew tomorrow. My new dolly shoes showed up today and are adorable! Betsy is very happy.