Monday, May 22, 2017


Today was a busy day, and I just couldn’t accomplish a whole task list before it was time to go to the convention. I made a batch of pheasant enchiladas for Mike’s supper tomorrow (Saturday) night. I cleared the kitchen counter of sewing tools, and then I “unboxed” the yarrow plants, watered them, and left them on the counter. (The counter is always cluttered with something.) I began to reorganize my sewing room – again, a hopeless task when time is short. I made a final check of everything I need to take to convention, which is considerable. Since the convention is in Lewiston, at least I can sleep at home.

And of course, the needs of the dogs are not to be overlooked. We took our main walk early this morning. I thought I would register early at convention, but when it was about time to leave, Ken called and said he would take Bess for a run up Critchfield Gulch. Discussion ensued with the result that I agreed to delay leaving and he would try to come for Bess earlier. In the end, Bess had her run, and then I kenneled both dogs. My arrival at convention was still within the appropriate time frame.

So, I drove the six miles to the convention venue, registered, visited, and attended two short conversation sessions. Then I drove back home – six miles, remember – provided a constitutional for Bess and Nellie, put food in their dishes, showered myself, and leaving the dogs in the house, I returned to the convention for the banquet. It was a fun evening of inspiration, conversation, and laughter. (Notice I’m not mentioning the food.)

It was late – nearly 10:00 – when I arrived at the house. Bess and Nellie were overjoyed – ecstatic! – to see me, so much so that one of them (truly, I know not which one) kicked over the water bucket, spilling a quart or more of water all over the floor. They seemed not to notice, but I did, and it had to be cleaned up – another concept that eludes them. Well, the floor is cleaner now. KW

Saturday, May 20, 2017


Just a quick note to let you know that Mike arrived home this afternoon in the 4:30 timeframe. I'll finish up the staycation posts soon.


Volunteer hollyhock in foreground
Mike called mid-morning to say he was in agony with a toothache. He had been unable to get through to our dentist so asked me to call for an antibiotic. He and Sam would stay the night with my brother Chuck in St. George, Utah, so have the prescription called to a pharmacy there. (We know the drill. He had a course of antibiotics a few months ago.) As it happened, I had an appointment for my annual cleaning this morning so agreed to discuss the problem with the person in charge there. (It’s not the dentist, you know. It’s the gal at the front desk.)

The first thing I did was to call Chuck and get contact info for his pharmacy. So, when I stated the problem at the dentist’s office, Peggy said, “I could do that, but how am I going to . . .” and then I handed her my slip of paper. She was going to say she wouldn’t know which pharmacy or how to contact them, but for once I had correctly anticipated the need.

Yellow iris and hollyhock
So, I took care of that, had my cleaning, and then went shopping for something new to wear to the P.E.O. convention this weekend. Lest you think I put this off till the last minute, let me assure you it was not my first attempt to find something new to wear. It used to be so important, you know – having something new to wear to special events. However, I found nothing better than what I already have in my closet. I do see a few people wearing lovely outfits, but I don’t know where they get them, and for the most part, we’re not wearing pretty clothes these days.

Arriving back at the house, I discovered a package at the door – some yarrow plants I ordered last month from High Country Gardens. I don’t call that a staycation gift. They will have to be planted, and that's work -- for another day.

Bess & Nellie
With Mike heading home and the convention coming up, I began to plan how I will juggle the care of the dogs against attending convention events and making the house presentable. In the end I finished up a machine embroidery project. It was fun – a whole lot more fun than cleaning the house.

And then it came to light that a deposit I made a few days ago went to the wrong account, and I would have pursue this to find out what happened. I am not the family pursuer -- Mike is. But he isn’t here, and it wasn’t his error anyway. So, tomorrow is the day. KW

Thursday, May 18, 2017


It’s cold. A friend living in the “upper country” wrote to say that it was snowing this morning. It may well have snowed at Gilbert as well. And here in the valley, we got plenty of rain (.26 inch for the day).

It was raining when I got the dogs out of the kennel. Nellie marched purposefully to the field above the house, and I just let her go. I was not about to chase her down in that wet grass. Bess and I walked around the neighborhood for a few minutes, and Nellie rejoined us at the house some 15 minutes later.

When it was time to settle down – and I do expect the dogs to settle down and leave me in peace – Nellie was still marching restlessly around the house. Bess was on the big pillow, and they don’t share it well. Bess likes her share out of the middle, and Nellie won’t get on if Bess is already on the pillow. When they do share the pillow Bess leans heavily on Nell. It was obvious Nellie just wasn’t getting comfortable, so I did what Mike and I had agreed not to do – I went to the shed for a second big pillow, and the minute it hit the floor, Nellie was on it. She immediately went to sleep and didn’t much move for five hours. She’s somewhat arthritic, you know, and she needs space and cushioning.
Our neighbor Roland

I had lunch with sister Joni who was in town for appointments. She remarked that she was warm as she sat in her car this morning. Despite the dreariness of the day, somehow the sun manages to warm us through the windows at this time of year. And then tonight Ken and Ginny took me to dinner.

Speaking of cold and snow, Mike called tonight. Undoubtedly he’ll tell this story, but he and Sam got into cold and snow with the result that they had to alter their route. Mike has had enough and plans to head on home a little earlier than anticipated, but Sam is going to adventure on.

I  sewed a little this afternoon but also spent time preparing for my role as delegate to a convention this weekend. KW

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Mike’s been gone a week now. I admit I’m ready for this staycation to end. I’ve had enough staycating with dogs. Nellie is especially restless, and though we have an intuitive bond, I’m at the point where I just can’t guess what’s wrong. Not that Mike would be any better. He relies on me to suggest what she might want.

This was a long-awaited day. An organization to which I belong met with our state officers this afternoon. Between prep work and the meeting itself, it took a chunk out of my day. What with dog duties and a trip to the grocery store, there wasn’t time for much else.

It was 48 when I got up, and being a cloudy day, it didn’t warm up. A storm rolled through this afternoon bringing wind and rain (.16 inch). At 3:30 it was a chilly 44 – about the same at bedtime.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


I was up this morning about 5:30. It was 39 but with the sun shining brightly, it was 50 by 7:00. I didn’t notice the high for today.

The dogs were both frisky and exuberant when I got them out of the kennel this morning, and before long they both insisted on a long walk. So – we walked. And while we were out, I took this picture of the building site in the field.

American Girl Truly Me Doll: Light Skin with Freckles, Dark Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes + Accessories
Hazel -- #55

Today’s staycation gift was Hazel, an American Girl doll. Oh no, she didn't come to my house and isn’t going to live with me, but I rejoice in her as a gift anyway. She was delivered to my niece Becky for her granddaughter, my great grandniece. (I looked it up; that’s the appropriate phrase – “great grandniece” -- the granddaughter of one's niece.) Becky said Hazel appeared to be asleep when she arrived, but she was able to rouse her and she opened her eyes. As a “Truly Me” doll, I see Hazel in a contemporary and slightly outrageous wardrobe. As much as I talk about sewing for my own dolls, it’s exciting to make clothes for a child’s doll.

Outfits for Hazel -- mailed today

I received two invitations to dinner – both for Wednesday night. Wouldn’t you just know it? I had accepted the first so apologetically declined the second.

The days have a way of just slipping by, don’t they? Years ago, a friend told me that there’s plenty of time for anything you truly want to do, but I don’t believe that. It takes time to do things, and there are interruptions in daily living which must be handled. We have to pick and choose how we will pass the time that’s available. If we have time and choices, we’re lucky.

I felt somewhat lethargic today. I had planned to shop for groceries but let it go for the second day in a row. Tomorrow I’ll have to step up to it because I’m out of dog treats. I realized I’m probably not getting enough sleep, so tonight I’ll go to bed on time and try to sleep later in the morning.

Ken came by this afternoon and took Bess for a good run. However, both Nellie and Bess failed to settle down after supper, continually pestering me. Nellie always gets spring fever and wants to wander and explore on her own, which I refuse to let her do. So, when I reached the end of my rope, I put them to bed. KW