Monday, May 15, 2017


Nick and Hallie, our Seattle family renovating the little 1929 Tudor, are finally tackling perhaps their biggest challenge to date – the upstairs bathroom.

“We’re demo-ing the bathroom today,” said Hallie over the phone.

“Who are you showing it to,” I come within one of asking. In my era, a “demo” was a demonstration. For Hallie and Nick, it stands for “demolish.”

Initially they had planned to keep the original claw-footed tub, but the contractor pointed out it wasn’t in good shape and water damage on the floor was apparent. He suggested a new tub and new flooring were in order. They ultimately agreed, especially since they take showers anyway.

“It seems like the tub would be difficult to remove,” Hallie continued, “but get this – you just hit it with a sledgehammer, it breaks, and you take it out in pieces.” It seemed like she was looking forward to hitting it.

Later that day she sent the above picture of the bathroom with tub removed. They will indeed need to replace the sub-floor. 

And here’s another photo she sent a while back to show the picture grouping she had arranged. I think it's in the living room. KW

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Hallie said...

A couple corrections: our claw foot tub is in the basement. Upstairs was an alcove tub, but it was still cast iron, which is crazy heavy. Also, the photos are in our hallway. It looks very homey.