Friday, May 12, 2017


The "snow in summer" looks great this year.
Cooler temps were predicted for today, but we took our main walk early even so. Then I spent a lot of time sewing.

At noon, I received a message from daughter Hallie saying she had texted Mike and he was fine and having a good time. Later in the afternoon, he called me to say he was fine and having a good time.

The mailman brought me three staycation gifts – a yard of fabric (“Shopkins” design), a doll clothes panel (the outfit is printed right on the fabric – Primrose Garden by Riley Blake), and a book from my Amazon wishlist (“Simple Friendships”). If everything is going to come at once, I need to make a few more orders.
I wasted no time trimming the pieces of the doll dress from the fabric. After all, my efforts are so scattered now, why try to focus at this point? But by evening I was tired of sewing and gave myself a break.

Ken came about 5:00 and took Bess for a good romp with Pepper. The purpose was to expend some pent-up energy, and I think it worked. Even though it was a cooler afternoon (83), Bess came back hot and tired.

Well, until tomorrow then, which promises to be a more active day. KW


Hallie said...

Our snow in summer is just starting to bloom. Many of my rock wall plants didn't survive the winter, and that's okay. I tore out one scraggly looking snow in summer and half hearted planted it in the back yard. I didn't have a trowel with me and didn't care very much. Later, Nick watched from the kitchen window as a crow ripped (eh...tugged lightly) it out of the ground and stole it for his or her nest. Does the female build the nest?

Kathy said...

Here's a link for you from the Washington (state) Department of Fish and Wildlife about crows. Apparently both sexes build the nests.
If the crow had left your snow in summer in place, it might have rooted. I know it was particularly heinous to you that a crow stole it. If a hummingbird had taken it, you would have been happy to have been of service -- and somewhat amazed.