Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Mike’s been gone a week now. I admit I’m ready for this staycation to end. I’ve had enough staycating with dogs. Nellie is especially restless, and though we have an intuitive bond, I’m at the point where I just can’t guess what’s wrong. Not that Mike would be any better. He relies on me to suggest what she might want.

This was a long-awaited day. An organization to which I belong met with our state officers this afternoon. Between prep work and the meeting itself, it took a chunk out of my day. What with dog duties and a trip to the grocery store, there wasn’t time for much else.

It was 48 when I got up, and being a cloudy day, it didn’t warm up. A storm rolled through this afternoon bringing wind and rain (.16 inch). At 3:30 it was a chilly 44 – about the same at bedtime.


Chuck said...

Mike called, and they will spend the night here, and hopefully get some needed rest. Be patient, little one.

Kathy said...

I heard from him but he didn't mention staying with you. That's good!