Friday, June 2, 2017


My favorite view of the house through the trees and brush on the road

Mike re-injured his tendon on the trip, so the other day as we started our afternoon walk, he dropped out. It was another hot afternoon, and Nellie said she didn’t really care to go either, so as we headed down the lane, it was just Bess and me. Because Bess is really keyed to Mike, I thought she might decide to stay with him, but apparently her love of exploration carried her along.

From Plank's field
When we got to the road, I decided to double back along the edge of Plank’s field for slightly different views of the farm. It seems to me the rapeseed fields are rapidly changing now, losing some of their bright luster. The little flowers are gradually dropping their petals. I’m anxious to see the next phase.
From Plank's field

Anyway, when the time came to leave the field, I wondered aloud if I could make it down the bank to the lane. “Sure you can,” said Bess confidently. “Just follow me.” So down we went, Bess ahead and me behind, following a gently-sloping deer trail to the lane.

And yet another from Plank's field
Today I will present a one-time $500 monetary award at Lewiston High School in the name of my late sister, Harriet Walrath Reece. This award was made possible through memorial donations to Chapter BL, P.E.O., in Harriet’s name. KW


Mary Jane Amuchastegui said...

A beautiful tribute to Harriet - I am glad to hear this

Kathy said...

Hi Mary Jane!
Yes, the family was pleased that donations to Chapter BL P.E.O. in Harriet's name totaled enough for a dedicated one-time scholarship in her name.