Ina's House

In 1917, Ina and Jack built a proper farmhouse on their land. Even so, the house had no insulation, no plumbing and no wiring. Water was carried from a spring. Heat was by wood (especially the cook stove in the kitchen and the fireplace), and kerosene lamps provided light in the evenings. Such was life in Ina’s house while it continued as her home. After her passing in 1957, our family used the house very little, and gradually it fell into disrepair. However, it continued to stand as a testament to the day when farm families subsisted on the land.
Dobson Farmhouse, back view, 1918

In the wet spring of 1996, a great pine tree in the grove behind the house toppled, striking the second story and back porch. We were forced to make a decision – either tear the house down or adapt it to our needs. Since we were ready to make serious plans for retirement, we decided to renovate and modernize the house. I enjoy thinking that Grandma Ina would love what we’ve done for her house.

Kathy Dobson Warnock