Sunday, December 14, 2008


Sunday, 10:00 a.m., +18 degrees: We're in the midst of our first winter storm of the season and the onset of a "cold snap" which the weather man says we'll endure for a week or so. Thursday evening as I listened to the weather, I noted the weather girl's rather urgent tone – storm warning, cold temps, beginning at least by Saturday. "We need to go to the farm tomorrow afternoon," I told Mike. He had planned to take a friend and winterize the farmhouse Saturday afternoon. "That's too late," I said. "We should go tomorrow afternoon."

So we did. Friday afternoon we drove up the Clearwater. The sky was dark and getting darker. It was 3:15 as we turned down Dobson Road and "spitting" snow. Mike immediately set to work – draining pipes, removing shower handles, starting the 4-wheelers, etc. I also set to work. I found the "book" of holiday CDs left there -- a priority on my list -- and tossed it into my traveling laundry basket. It's a good thing I still have cassette tapes and a tape player. Then I went upstairs to the vintage sewing room and began to pull patterns off the bulletin board and toss them into the basket together with other patterns and fabric. "What are you doing?" Mike called up the stairs. "Uhh – getting things I need," I answered innocently. "I have a list," I add lamely. "Do you need me to help you?" He answers in the negative. I drug the box with my quilt top out from under the bed. It's a given I won't be sewing at the farm for some months. I also picked up little "Ginny and Mary" and cushioned them in the fabric. By the time we left I had managed to pack the laundry basket, a box, and the quilt box. "Well," I said to Mike as he watched me piling stuff into the pick-up, "we might not have room for this stuff at Christmas – IF we even come for Christmas."

Then I heard the rumble of a familiar-sounding motor, and there was the UPS man driving up our lane. He delivered the parts for the LG HDTV set. "I'm glad I found you," the UPS man said. Was that sarcasm in his voice? At least we have the comfort of knowing the parts are there and protected, but if the weather unfolds as they say this next week, it's doubtful we'll be able to get in for next Friday's scheduled repair. We just have to wait and see.

As we drove out at 4:15, it began to sleet in earnest. The trip down the grade wasn't too bad but the river road was terrible – raining and lots of oncoming traffic all the way to Lewiston. It was good to be back to the snug little house where we ate leftover homemade pizza for supper. The local newscaster reported snow in Moscow and I thought of Aunt Chris. And Saturday afternoon as it commenced to snow and the wind picked up, we were glad we had already made the trip to the farm. The wind blew all night and this morning Mike had to re-attach our Christmas lights. KW


chris miller said...

We do have snow, and it's very cold. It's hard to tell how much snow because it blew so hard; some spots are almost bare and others have over a foot (like right in front of our garage door!). Winter seems to have arrived. Grandsons Cameron and Keaton came over yesterday to sled in the back yard and then splash in the hot tub. Ann came with them (of course!) and we sewed while the boys played away. It was fun to watch it snow through the window and work on Christmas projects.

Chuck said...

We don't have as much snow, but there was a little on the north sides of the buildings this morning. We had lots of wind (60 mph), dust, then the rain which turned to snow. It was about 22 this morning. Cold for here. We're supposed to get more tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

Kathy said...

I thought of you "snug as a bug" in your sewing room, Chris. Sounds like a fun weekend. And Chuck, did you ever put up your Christmas lights and how did decorations fare in that wind? Mike and I got out this afternoon for some shopping at Costco and Albertson's, but Nellie got only a short walk this afternoon at 21 degrees. KW

murray.warnock said...

65 degrees and sunny here in Philadelphia or "Maimi North". I really miss the change of seasons. ;-)