Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today marked the fulfillment of a five-month dental implant process. My dentist recommended either an implant or a bridge to replace a problematic bicuspid crown and left the choice to me. I preferred an implant over hooking a bridge to other teeth which might weaken them. Despite discomfort and the length of time involved, I feel good about the result. When I left the dentist's office, I treated myself to shopping. At Safeway I replenished my supply of holiday tea, especially my favorite, "Ginger Spice." At Costco I bought two lovely fresh wreaths -- one for the town house and one for the farm -- and two packages of Martinelli's Sparkling Cider. "Can't go wrong with Martinelli's," said the door greeter.

Things continued to go well this afternoon. I set up the Bernina and on Aunt Chris' recommendation, I oiled the bobbin runner. I had mentioned to her that my new machine is noisy, and she said they need plenty of oil – every two hours. Sure enough, the machine settled down to some smoooooooth mending. I was worried about the machine, so I feel relieved.

And I have to tell a little joke on myself. The wreath hook in the closet just wouldn't fit over the door. I sure thought it was the wreath hook I had used previously. I was so disappointed that I couldn't hang our new holiday wreath. Well, after thinking about it a while, I realized I had probably only attempted to hang one end of the hook – the wrong end! Sure enough, the other end fit over the door. The photo was taken after dark so isn't quite centered. But you know how it is: "The prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be on your own front door." I was careful to spray the wreath with some water so that it stays fresh as long as possible.

Thanks to all of you who have been searching the internet for retro wreaths and stencils. Debbie found wreaths, stencils, and cheaper window wax. What fun! I'll keep you apprised of my orders. KW


debdog42 said...

That is a gorgeous wreath! I didn't know Costco sold them.

Kathy said...

They still had a lot of them when I was there on Wednesday. The price is almost $17.00, but it's really a large, full wreath. KW