Thursday, June 24, 2010


Our girl Hallie was here last weekend, including Father's Day. One of the accounts she manages for her Seattle-based employer is a Lewiston business. She flew into Lewiston Thursday afternoon, attended an employee benefits fair at the Lewiston business Friday afternoon, and visited a friend from high school days Friday evening. Saturday we went to the farm for an overnight stay. She flew back to Seattle Sunday evening.

Hallie always brings treats to Nellie. Here Nellie waits patiently as Hallie unwraps a special organic dog treat.

Hallie weeds the raspberry patch on the farm as Nellie ponders something -- possibly a rodent.

Hallie suggested a wider fence for the cherry tree we planted this spring. The deer had munched it here and there -- not badly, but we certainly want to protect it. I grated some Irish Spring bar soap and we attached it to the fencing. Worth a try.

Hallie and Mike return from a walk with Nellie in the lead. A family backpacking trip is planned for the first week in August. Practice is in order.

Lovely yellow wild roses grace Curfman Road. We would like to transplant some to our yard, but they are very "stickery." I don't know if I could start from a slip or not, but I might be able to dig up a very young shoot. These are on the road right-of-way, and I know the county wouldn't care. These wild roses can be problematic.

Mike left yesterday morning (Wednesday, 6-24) for the coast to complete his motorcycle geocaching tour of Oregon, taking the camera with him. Mike and I have a "share and share alike" philosophy that works most of the time. You'll just have to imagine me sewing, gardening, and walking the dog. Summer seems to be here, so Nellie and I are taking our walk early in the day while the air is cool. Even so, she became overheated this morning and unapologetically plopped herself into a mud puddle. I had to wash her down. KW


Chris said...

Great pictures. So glad you had a few days with Hallie--precious times.

We have both yellow and orange wild roses in our yard. Dan planted both from slips from neighbors and they have done well. But it's true--they *are* very stickery!! Very, very stickery, but oh so beautiful.

I, too, am "home alone", so we can sew together! :-)

Hallie said...

I'm pretty sure that while I was weeding, Nellie was pondering the consumption of unripe raspberries. I had to shoo her out of the cage several times!

Kathy said...

Really!!!! She would eat those undeveloped little nubbins? Dogs do like fruit but you'd think she'd wait for sweet ripeness.

I don't think I know about orange wild roses. I've seen several shades of pink and the yellow ones. The pink ones were Grandma Ina's favorite, as I believe I've said, and she had a set of Homer Laughlin dishes in that pattern.

Sewing -- yes! I'm making a doll for a 2-year-old's birthday.

Chris said...

Check out my blog for pictures of our roses. You inspired me to write!!! :-)

Kathy said...

And so at Chris' invitation I did check out the latest post at Miller's Last Resort. The roses were beautiful and there's always something interesting happening in the sewing room.