Monday, December 15, 2014



Long, long ago a small shepherd boy
Was tending his flock one dark night,

When all of a sudden the heavens lit up
With a shining and wonderful light.

He called to the shepherds to waken from sleep
And they looked up and trembled with fear,

But as they were wondering what it could be
They saw a bright angel appear

Who told them to fear not but rather rejoice
At the birth of their Saviour this day

Who was born in Judea near Bethlehem town
In a manger not too far away,

The shepherds decided to go see this sight
And forgot about taking the boy.
Who was carving a doll from a smooth piece of wood
So the Christ Child would have a small toy.

When he finished the doll he looked off to the East
But the others were nowhere in sight.

Then he grew very sad for the way wasn’t marked
And around him was blackness and night.

But with courage he went and each time he seemed lost
From somewhere he’d hear a voice say,

“Look to the East and then follow the star,
It will guide you each step of the way.”

So he followed the star – for a long time it seemed –
Till it led to a manger, and there –

He found the small child with the shepherds near by
And three kings who were kneeling in prayer.

He looked at the gifts which the others had brought
And then at the doll in his hand

And he thought, “Why I can’t put my gift down with these
For the others are costly and grand.”

Then a heavenly light shone down from above
And to all of the others’ surprise

It cast a soft glow on the boy and the doll
Right before all their wondering eyes.

With a heart full of love the good shepherd boy
Lay his gift near the Christ Child, and then

As all knelt in prayer they heard angels above sing
“On Earth, Peace, Good Will, Toward All Men!”

[This story advent calendar, produced by Hallmark, was one that Mother especially enjoyed.]