Friday, December 19, 2014


My mother had a love of imaginary play. In fact, she had a gift -- a way of setting it up -- so that we children knew from the beginning that it was imaginary without her saying so in so many words. At Christmastime, we all played along with the image of Santa at the North Pole, and speaking for myself, I loved it.

Now I’m Mrs. Claus with my own workshop – a sewing room with dolls and patterns, a fabric stash, and more. The 2014 workshop closed this morning with the sewing of a few snaps and a trip to the post office. I felt a little sad until I remembered – the 2015 workshop is open for business.

I’d like to think that the workshop could remain open right up to the eleventh hour on Christmas Eve, with little elves hurrying in and out as they fill Santa’s sleigh. But when Santa needs an assist from the post office, the eleventh hour falls days ahead of Christmas.

In this picture, my American Girls model simple jumpers I made from a Daisy Kingdom panel. The panel included two jumpers and one blouse, but since Emmy has two dolls, I cut another blouse of fabric from my stash to make a second complete outfit. The outfits are a little snug – as if the dolls are about to outgrow them. If I had realized that initially, I would have skimped a bit on that 3/8” seam allowance. 

It's always something, as they say. KW

Saturday, Dec. 19, 1896 -- on this day at Gilbert:
Ed helped me haul logs for my house. Thawed considerable today and an occasional sprinkle of rain. Cloudy all day. A red sunset.
~M. L. Dickson 


Hallie said...

What great fabric! Those are super cute outfits. I think the dress length is just right and that the sleeves are meant to 3/4 length. Very versatile--they can be worn through multiple seasons. ;)

Chris said...

Hallie is correct. She has a good eye for details! The outfits are very cute. And you are quite right, of course: the 2015 workshop is open! I love that thought.

And I haven't thought to mention this before, but what a gift having your great-grandfather's journal must be.

Kathy said...

I've made a number of doll outfits from panels and have enjoyed it. However, it doesn't take the place of using a pattern to blend fabrics from my stash.

I have several of Great-grandfather Dickson's diaries, thanks to my dad who wrested them from Aunt Ethel. ("Discussion ensued," I'm sure!) I also have Aunt Ethel's transcription of all his diaries and letters.

Yes, I would rather have these letters and diaries than so many other things. I only wish my dad could know how much I appreciate it.