Sunday, December 7, 2014


Dorothy & Vance Dobson, c. 1955

My mother and dad were married on December 7, 1947. A while back I mentioned Mother’s second wedding gown in a post. (See it here.) I said she made that dress.

Then my sister Harriet sent a correction:
“Mother didn’t make her wedding dress when she married Vance.  We purchased her dress and my matching maid of honor dress from The Hollywood Shop in Lewiston. My dress was lined with crinoline and it just shredded my nylons.  I don’t think I ever wore it again.  If I did, I cut out the lining, and then it didn’t fall right.  I may have worn it once at U of I.  As I remember, they didn’t have what we wanted in stock so special ordered our dresses.  Thanks for the memories.”

Harriet said I didn’t have to print a retraction, but I’m grateful for the correction. We write this blog in part to impart our history as accurately as possible.

Mother and Daddy’s anniversary was always noted as we worked our way through the advent calendar but the actual celebration was low key. I think they usually exchanged cards at supper or something like that. The family held a nice reception for them as they celebrated their 25th anniversary in 1972. I was working in Boston at the time and missed it. And Daddy passed on just short of their 40th anniversary in November 1987.

So, how do I feel about the dress knowing that Mother didn’t make it? Do I still want to keep it? You know, I think I could let it go. Oh, I’m not going to toss it today – probably not tomorrow – but somewhere down the road, I’ll part with it. Maybe the right place for it will come up.

Monday, Dec. 7, 1896 -- on this date at Gilbert:
Snowed early this morning and some damp snow fell all the A.M. It rained and snow with it most of the P.M. Warm enough to work barehanded. Covered stable with lumber. Tried to be a red sunset.
 ~M. L. Dickson


Hallie said...

I love the advent calendars! There was a street in Naples where EVERY shop on both sides on a tiny cobble-stoned street was a Christmas shop. They are known for their nativity sets there. I think you would have enjoyed it. I mention it because I think I saw an advent calendar. It was one with chocolate, though.

Chris said...

I love that picture of your mom and dad. Where was she going to wear such an elegant dress--in Orofino?

Kathy said...

Well -- all I can think is that they were going to chaperone at the senior prom or something.