Tuesday, December 9, 2014


My mother continued her life story through Christmas memories:

c. 1918 -- "We moved back to Orofino when I was eight. That was during the First World War and there was a scarcity of everything. My best memory of the next few years was Christmas in the [Orofino] Mercantile. There was a long table near the center of the store filled with toys of every description. As soon as school was out we hurried down town to play with the toys. There weren’t any decorations in town but that toy table was enough."
Mother & her brother, Francis

 Wednesday, Dec. 9, 1896 -- on this date at Gilbert:
Fair and warm. Worked a little on Jack's house door. Ed, Ben, and Gene got home from the Potlatch bringing in four and supplies. No snow on the Potlatch. Plenty of snow at home. 
~M. L. Dickson

[The Potlatch means the Potlatch River. I suppose that "home" refers to the ridge out of Troy where they had previously lived.]


Hallie said...

I wonder if a little research could yield a photo of this Orofino Mercantile.

Kathy said...

Undoubtedly. Often we see postcards with the picture of a business.

The building is still there. It's where the Mexican restaurant is now. We could take our own picture.