Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Evening light

Even though I buy quite a bit of what I want, I have pretty good sales resistance. I’m not sure Mike thinks that, but I assure you, I’m tempted by very little these days. As far as sewing is concerned, I have projects lined out for the next year and enough fabric in my stash to make doll outfits for the next two years, so with the exception of specific needs, I’m not tempted to buy more at this time. Space is limited here, so there you have it.

Behind the house
Over this past weekend, I have seen more email pass through my “inbox” than ever before. Every one of my favorite retailers had a deal for me, and I didn’t think any of them were all that great. How about those lures of free shipping and upon opening the deal, you discover it applies only after the purchase of $65 or $100? Or, how about that big offer on clearance merchandise? “An additional 20% off 18,000 clearance items – today only.” Sorry – I’m too busy to review that site. I felt pretty much overwhelmed by the whole thing.

Behind the grove
However, over the “Black Friday – Cyber Monday” weekend, Mike and I both ordered our Christmas presents. He took care of his – an air compressor which he probably should have had years ago – and which, by the way, will not be wrapped and placed under the tree. And I took care of mine – fabric from Kim Diehl’s “Vintage Farmhouse” line (fat quarters and quilt backing), which relates to the aforementioned specific fabric need. I think we made our orders on Friday, and both were delivered yesterday (Monday). It’s amazing the kind of shipping service we get these days – and not just from Amazon.

Milo and Jenny left the farmhouse Saturday morning, but Mike and I stayed until Monday (Dec. 1). Another cold snap was upon us, but the house was pleasantly warm, and Mike wanted to take advantage of the frozen ground to hunt with the dogs. Sunday they had a successful hunt on the canyon rim.

Another behind the grove
Monday morning we puttered around the house getting ready to leave. We shouldn’t have had so much to carry back, it seemed to me, but Mike is always uncomplaining about it. Added to our hobby stuff and left over food were two big garbage sacks of laundry. Mike winterized the house – turned off the water and drained the pipes – and then managed to load all our stuff and the dogs in the back. Ready to head out, we discovered the doors of the pick-up were frozen shut. Mike lamented the need to turn the water back on, but I thought of the hair dryer. As luck would have it, he found an extension cord in his tool box, and we had the driver’s side open in three minutes.

I’m off to a committee meeting to put together favors for next week’s Christmas luncheon. Happy “getting’ ready” to you! KW


Chris said...

Those hair dryers sure can save the day!! Good thinking.

My inbox overflowed, too, and with one exception I was able to delete, delete, delete. You feelings about them mirrored mine exactly. My only order was to purchase and download "Family Tree Maker" (at 40% off) so I can transfer my info from Ancestry.com to my computer. What pillars of restraint we are!!

Kathy said...

Yes! They should hire us to teach classes in restraint. It's great that you got "Family Tree Maker."