Sunday, December 14, 2014


Mike and I were at the hardware store the other day when I noticed dog pillows at $10.00 each. Dog pillows are always a problem at our house. The price was right. We bought one.

Mike placed the new pillow on the floor along with an old one, and you can see here that both Bess and Nellie show marked preference for the new one.

So, Mike replaced that clumpy old pillow with a dog rug (not pictured), which meant that Bess got the new pillow and Nellie, who refuses to fight for herself, had to lie on the rug. It's just not enough cushioning for her bones.

"Maybe we should buy another of those pillows," said Mike. A few days had gone by and he was afraid they might have sold out. He called the store and was advised there was just one left.
They said they would hold it for him, so he hopped on his motorcycle and and went to get it. (Thank goodness for bungee cords.)
The girls are quite happy with this arrangement. Each enjoys having a pillow to herself -- no matter which one. KW

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Hallie said...

Great deal! That's how it goes with two "kids". Everybody has to have the same thing in order to keep peace. ;)