Thursday, August 27, 2015


Photo 1 -- Before
*Photo 2

Daughter Hallie and her husband Nick recently finished refurbishing a light fixture for their bedroom. Hallie writes:
"Tired of not having a nice light fixture in our nice, new bedroom, I woke up one morning with inspiration to refurbish this stamped aluminum fixture that is likely original to the house. I began boiling the small pieces in an old pot that we do not use for cooking in order to peel the old paint off. I believe I would have lost interest in this project that required much time, attention, patience and precision, but these requirements appeal to Nick who basically took over without my needing to give up or ask for help. He proceeded to strip the larger piece while I found replacement parts for the sockets and wiring online. After the light was painted, Nick decided it needed some painting detail to really "pop", so he bought acrylic paint and carefully painted the gold detail before spray coating a protective finish on the whole thing. It's lovely!"
*Photo 2: Paint stripped--it's actually silver in color. The finial piece turned out to be copper.

Photo 3 -- finished

Photo 4 -- to show finial


Mike said...

Absolutely beautiful! Great job.

Chris said...

I love it! And the house gives a smile yet again. :-)